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  • Winds Of War (Film Composition VI – Full Orchestra)

“Winds of War” is perfect for cinematic action, particularly epic / battle / war scenes or trailers. Also suitable when any kind of intense immersive emotion is desired, including corporative / entertainment one-of-a-kind events or releases. Full orchestra, big percussion, epic strings and synthesizers.

  • Piano Solo OST

Original soundtrack for piano solo recorded and composed by Juan Carlos Vásquez


  • Full Orchestra OST

Original soundtrack for a full orchestra and synthesizer recorded and composed by Juan Carlos Vásquez

Client: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Bogotá, Colombia)

Creative Sound Design


Client: ATDH (Florida, USA).

Corporate Music.


Client: Ruth Elizabeth Dance Studios (New York, USA)

Corporate Music Composition + Sound Design


Client: Motor Producciones (Santiago de Chile, Chile)

Original Soundtrack for a Short Film


  • Rebirth – “Emperors for Tea”, London 27/01/13.

Final section for “Emperors for Tea”, premiered at The Savoy Hotel in London. For Violin and Orchestra.

“(…) a spectacular unique fusion of Culture and Contemporary performances created by award winning designer Clare Newton. (…) the mix was made-up of imagination, surrounded by sumptuous sounds and sculpted dance” YourNewsUkTV


  • Collage #1.

The composer recorded himself performing The Bogatyr Gates (in the Capital in Kiev) -solo guitar arrangement- and reinvented the result by de-constructing the piece and using in it different and complex kinds of digital audio processes to create a entirely different work, expanding the usual guitar timber into deep and rich atmospheres that uses the entire range of frequencies. No other samples than the mentioned were used in the making of this recording.

The second Collage recently earned a place in the Electronics Masters Vol 2. CD, produced by Ablaze Records, described as a place for “(…) new compositions from some of today’s most innovative composers around the worl


  • Lambda – Fractal Music

The first track in the EHA’s album, “Lambda” was created using techniques related to Algorithmic composition, using specialized software in order to create a series of symbols, replicated with the self-similarity property of the lambda fractal, and later translated into different kinds of timbers made by sound synthesis.

This piece was originally created for the International Architecture Workshop “Hipófisis Digital 2011″, that took place in November at the Pontifical Xaverian University (Bogotá, Colombia), “Lambda” will be the sonic complement for a parametric sculpture built based on the lambda fractal form.


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